Condom Fit Calculator
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Condom Fit Calculator

This is the calcSD condom fit calculator, it utilizes condom manufacturer information and user feedback in order to provide you with accurate sizing information and recommendations of condoms that are likely to be the best fit for your size.

Girth Range: This range is primarily determined by user feedback on fit. Using data from our survey, we analyze the base and mid-shaft girths men self-report when they find a specific condom fits them well. This is then used to provide estimated ranges where most of the people who find a condom to be a good fit are expected to be. This does not depict the bounds outside of which a condom will not fit. It would be more comparable to average your base/mid shaft girths for comparison to the girth ranges presented, however for non-uniform girths, fit along each point of the shaft can vary so a single value can be an over-simplification to the possibility of tighter and looser fits along a non-uniform shaft.

Fit: Qualitatively displays positioning within the girth range. Individual preferences vary so you may find that you have a preference for tighter or looser fits, but all the reccomendations shown are expected to be acceptable fits for the given girth.

Length: Using the condom lengths reported by manufacturers and retailers we estimate the point at which a condom is expected to be too short to properly fit your visible length (NBPEL). If the condom is shorter than your length by more than 0.5" (1.27cm) then we remove it from the recommended list since condoms that are too short to fully cover your base can increase surface exposure during intercourse and thus increase STD transmission risks. Condoms that are too long can also lead to tighter fits since a larger unrolled portion of the condom causes higher pressure at the base of the penis, however we will not remove condom recommendations based on the condom being too long, we will let you determine that for yourself based on the displayed condom lengths.

Available Data: This qualitatively shows how much user feedback data we have for each condom, it is a measure of how reliable each girth range is expected to be.

Penis Nominal Width: Shows your erect flattened-circle width in mm.

Condom Nominal Width: Condoms are typically labelled with nominal width. The nominal width of your penis will usually be around 5-20% more than the nominal width of a condom that fits correctly. This solely uses that estimated % stretch to calculate the expected fitting range, however ideal % stretch varies between condom models and depends on individual preference. It can be compared to our recommendations to assess the stretchiness of condoms of known nominal width.

Condom Circumference: Converts the estimated condom nominal width range to circumference.

Condom usage tip: Applying extra condom-safe lube on both sides of the condom reduces the risk of condom breakage and can improve comfort/stimulation.

Other Recommendations:

『I don’t last as long as I want to during sex』
You may be interested in condoms with increased wall thickness to reduce sensations for the male during sex: ceylor Extra Strong, EXS Extra Safe, Durex Extra Safe, Pasante Extra, Lifestyles Extra Strength, ONE Extra Strong, Trustex Extra Strength, Nuvo Super, etc. (evidence suggests they are probably no safer than regular thickness condoms by the way). There are also condoms with numbing creams on the inside to greatly reduce male sensitivity: Durex Prolong, EXS Delay, etc.

『I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find any condoms that work for me』
You may be better off relying on other contraceptive options. (They are showing typical usage efficacy rates rather than consistent/correct usage rates also those are rates per woman in a year, not per use. More info on condom efficacy). However these are usually better suited to partners in monogamous relationships since they generally don’t reduce STD transmission. If you want the benefit of reduced STD transmission you can try latex-free female condoms such as: Pasante/FC2 Female Condom and others.